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Firstly, amazing. Starting a small business and doing all the things takes courage, a crazy amount of hard work and a strong vision (and a lot of coffee). Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this for a while, we want to help you grow to the next level, support you when you need it most and show the rest of Canada & the world what you have to offer.

So yes, I called this a directory, but it’s so much more than that. It’s more of a shopping platform and SEO engine to drive business to your business. It is also a place for you to learn, build, share & support your business and other women-owned businesses in our community.

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If you are a woman-owned small business based in Canada, let us add you to our location directory. Your business will be posted in our directory by your province & city with a link back to your website, instagram shop or other selling page.

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Allison is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the home textiles industry. Throughout her career, Allison has held various roles in design, merchandising, and marketing, mastering each function and becoming a well-rounded business expert.
With a passion for all things business-related, Allison has honed her graphic, web design and copywriting skills. She possesses a keen eye for detail and creativity, which has helped her excel in designing compelling marketing campaigns and communicating the right message to the target audience.
Allison’s extensive knowledge and experience has led her to develop a love for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others. This passion for education has driven her to launch The Gftd Canadian Small Business Directory, a platform that promotes and supports women-owned businesses in Canada.
As the founder of TGCSBD, Allison has created a platform that benefits both consumers and small business owners. The forward-facing side of the site allows consumers to shop and discover new businesses, while the back end focuses on helping small business owners learn everything from social media to content writing, website design, email marketing, and much more.
Allison and her team are committed to empowering small business owners and has made it her mission to support women-owned businesses in Canada.


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