I truly believe that your gift is your signature on life’s most important moments®. ~ Allison S.

I have always loved beautiful gift wrap, ribbons, tags & cards, but I especially love curating thoughtful gifts full of meaning and purpose.
In my corporate positions, gifting has always been my responsibility. I have spent many years coordinating business gifts for corporate retreats, customer appreciation, tradeshows, and special events. These projects have trained me to source creatively & responsibly, stay on budget, and deliver on time.
Business gifting is so much more than the gift. Gifting is a strategy with a purpose and a positive return on investment. It should be intentional and focused.
Personal gifting is challenging and emotional. Our goal is to curate aesthetically pleasing, functional and meaningful collections.
Every sender deserves to express their love and gratitude, and every recipient deserves to feel loved and appreciated (and open a beautiful gift)!
Gifting takes effort & time, both of which are in high demand. 
I understand that with life’s other responsibilities, sourcing those perfect gifts can create stress and overwhelm. Let us take on that responsibility.
Communication is key to success, so whether you’re sourcing for your next project launch or your great aunt Nelly, talk to us, and we will create something you will be proud to give.
Cheers & happy gifting.