Nat & Noor Alligator Hair Clips

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These minimalist alligator clips add accents to the simplest or tussled do!

This matte black set of 3 comes in 2 sizes/styles

These alligator style clips are made of metal and boast a strong grip


Short Clip 2.5″ L x 0.6″ W

Long Clip 3.2″ L x .3″ W

About the Designer

Natalia Riboldi, owner and creative director of NAT + NOOR, graduated with an Art Degree from BYUH. She taught silversmithing classes at the Sundance Mountain Resort before she decided to start her own business. Loving the creative process, she decided to merge her love for business, art and design. She currently lives in Utah where she spends any free time outdoors, making healthy meals or creating something.

About the Name

Nat is short for Natalia, the owner and creative director. Noor means light in Arabic. Nat + Noor is a jewelry and accessory brand that encompasses light. Light to us means everything beautiful and lovely. Our brand is dedicated to timeless pieces that will be well worn. We are inspired by the effortless beauty of nature. We put thoughtful energy into curating beautiful designs with great quality.  The goal is to spread more NOOR!


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