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Ambros Coffee Lundi Espresso, 340 g

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Lundi Espresso is Ambros’ ode to the cooler fall air.

An espresso, strong but not the kind that is made to drag you out of bed. This one is meant for easy mornings; that will warm you up after you roll out of bed.

Expect a smoother cup than what you would find at an Italian bar, but with enough body and bite to make an impression. Instead of bitterness, we want you to savor the fruit, the sweet citrus, and the rich milk chocolate.

It leans towards espresso with its slightly darker roast, but don’t be afraid to grind it coarser and brew it through a filter. Its body, balance, and chocolate flavors will make for a very pleasant cup no matter how you take it.

Lundi is a blend of South American and African coffee. Origins may change seasonally, but we will always strive for the same balance, mouthfeel, and flavor profile.

Origin: Brazil & Ethiopia

Grind: Whole Bean

Process: Natural

Ambros is a specialty coffee company established in Montreal, Canada in 2020, with an identity rooted in the history and ritual of coffee. They source high-quality beans from all over the world, with equity and transparency top-of-mind. Through purposeful roasting, they aim to highlight the character of every bean. Passionately driven to deliver vibrant single origins and craft indulgent blends, all with a soul that is uniquely Ambros.

Roasting on state-of-the-art Probat machines, amongst peers and coffee lovers. No two coffee beans are the same, but we roast with purpose, aim for consistency, and strive for perfection.



Ambros Coffee Co. is committed to fairness and equity. They never take more than they put in. That means working with companies that pay fair prices to farmers and consistently finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

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