The Sophisticate Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

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Style: The Sophisticate Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses
These fashionable square modern metal frame blue-light-blocking computer glasses by WearMePro are designed to protect your eyes from harmful pro-longed screen time.

This elegant, timeless rectangular design in black and taupe is not only stylish but functional. Exposing your eyes daily to screens that emit blue light can cause headaches, insomnia, and eye strain. Long-term exposure may lead to severe retina damage.

These high-quality glasses are a must-have and make an excellent gift for friends & family.

Each pair of glasses comes individually boxed and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

0.13 lb

Made in China

Additional Details.
WearMe Pro has been featured in Teen Vogue
WearMe Pro began in 2011 as a small family-owned business in Chicago and has since grown into an international eyewear provider.
WearMe Pro’s mission: to provide fashionable, affordable eyewear for smart & stylish customers.

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