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Altantic Salmon Treats | Sam & Paisley Treat Company


Atlantic Salmon Treats
Size: 70g

Our Nova Scotia Atlantic Salmon treats are a must-have for your pets! We use only human-grade quality Salmon (including the skin for its nutritional qualities).

Salmon is a lean protein that is easy to digest. It is extremely rich in Omega 3’s – helping to aid in your pet’s skin and coat health. Omega 3’s can also aid in reducing inflammation so that it can be of benefit for pets with joint disease or reduced mobility due to arthritis.

Salmon is a good alternative for dogs that are allergic to more common sources of protein, like chicken. For pets with allergies, we do recommend feeding limited amounts and observing for any reactions.

Each of our bags contains 100% Atlantic Salmon – sourced from only Nova Scotia. We cut the salmon into cubes (with the skin on) and freeze it. We then freeze-dry it in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality.

Freeze drying preserves 98% of the nutritional content and retains all of the flavours, so you can be assured your dog or cat gets the healthy, flavourful treat that they deserve. A great option for pets with allergies or for pet owner who simply wants to know what their dog or cat is ingesting.

Feeding Tips
Treats can be broken into smaller pieces to give your dog. Always supervise your dog when feeding..

Storage Tips
Ensure the bag is completely closed when not used. Store the bag in a cool and dry place.

Atlantic Salmon (including skin)

    Locally sourced from Nova Scotia.
  • Made from only high-quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • Made in small batches to ensure quality.
  • Washed, prepared & packaged by hand in Nova Scotia.

Great for cats too!

Shortly after adopting Paisley, we discovered that she had numerous food allergies. This took us down a long path to finding safe foods for her. Until then, we never realized how many ingredients are in a single bag of treats – many with words that a spelling bee champion would struggle with. It also happened to be the peak of the pandemic, so options were limited, and our dependence on imported items was very evident. With all this in mind, we began to make our own one-ingredient treats for Paisley (and her older brother Samson) using only locally grown food. We don’t use scraps or seconds – all of our products are made from ingredients you would feed to your family. We are so proud to be able to offer other dog owners a tasty, healthy treat that originates from Nova Scotia’s fertile soil or water and is prepared and packaged in Nova Scotia.

Sam & Paisley Treat Company – we know your pet will love our treats just as much as Samson and Paisley do!

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