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Stain Remover Bar | Blanc Savonnerie


Stain Remover Bar
Organic, vegan and biodegradable
WARNING: This soap is not a body soap.

This natural stain remover bar made with organic coconut oil offers a vegan alternative to the country’s traditional soap. Very effective, it attacks the most stubborn stains (wine, tomato, grass, mud, fruit, grease, etc.) as well as stains on diapers, wipes, sanitary napkins, and washable make-up remover pads! It is also ideal for washing washable fabric masks.

The format of this bar has been designed to facilitate a good grip. Inside the packaging is an explanatory leaflet that details the instructions for use and the warning of the product.

INGREDIENT | Organic coconut saponified oil.

Directions: Wet the stained surface with lukewarm water or run the end of the stain remover bar under hot running water. Gently rub the bar over the stain, then rub the fabric together until a lather forms. Wash immediately, as usual. For more stubborn stains, do not rinse and let the soap act for a few hours before washing your item as usual.

Warning: This soap is not a body soap. Its use is strictly reserved for household chores. Do not use the soap on fragile fabrics or surfaces. Always test on non-visible parts of fabrics and surfaces to be washed.


BLANC Savonnerie is a young company specializing in the manufacture of cold saponified soaps.

Guided by a minimalist approach, our bars are designed with simple, all-natural, gentle and nourishing ingredients to suit all skin types. The ingredients that go into the composition of our products are, therefore, meticulously chosen according to their specific properties and benefits. All our soaps have an olive oil base and are enriched with raw shea butter to give you the most hydrating experience for your skin. They are also lightly scented with essential oils and free of any synthetic fragrances. To colour our bars, only clays, mud, and other plant ingredients are used.

We also rely on sustainable and responsible sourcing and practices. This is why BLANC is committed to using ethical and certified organic raw materials in the manufacture of its products as much as possible. Our soaps are biodegradable and made without palm oil.

The traceability and origin of our ingredients are at the heart of our approach. It is essential for us to promote locally sourced ingredients. Thus, all our soaps contain a portion of organic vegetable oil from local crops processed in Quebec, such as hemp, sunflower, rapeseed or camelina oil. We always favour a local ingredient when possible and source our own urban garden!

Moreover, we derive great satisfaction from working with noble materials from local artisans (hive products from Apiculture Les Voisines, plants and flowers from local flower farms, microbrewery beer, coffee, etc.). We love the challenge that this represents, but above all, we like to place ourselves at the service of the craftsman and highlight the fruit of his work.

It is in this same spirit that we make it a point of honour to use certified organic and fair trade grade shea butter in each of our soaps. As our Canadian supplier is directly involved with women’s cooperatives in Ghana, this partnership allows a greater royalty to local communities by cutting out the middlemen. By paying the right price for this raw material, it is a way for us to honour the conscientious work of women and to value the hard work associated with this production.

We are therefore proud to say that we offer natural and beneficial artisanal soaps, but above all, thoughtful, supportive and committed to the environment and the community.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we favour as little packaging as possible and the use of recycled, recyclable, reusable and/or compostable materials.

From the confection to the labelling, our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches in the workshop located in the heart of the Saint-Sauveur district in Quebec.

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