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I Love Monkey Discovery Kit

The I LOVE MONKEY DISCOVERY KIT contains everything you need to share Monkey’s wonderful message of love and encouragement with a child.

The ‘I Love Monkey Discovery Kit’ contains everything you need to share Monkey’s message of love and encouragement with a child:

  • Suzanne Kaufman’s award-winning ‘I Love Monkey’ book
  • huggable Monkey plush
  • re-usable keepsake box
  • Kids love to hold Monkey in their arms and read along with parents and loved ones. Parents love the encouraging message they get to share with their kids: “Every child is unique, and the most wonderful thing of all is just being yourself.”
  • About the book:Every child is a marvel, a unique and irreplaceable gift to the world—but, down deep, not every child believes it. It’s up to us—parents, teachers, and grandparents—to let our children know that they are loved and treasured just as they are. That’s what makes the I Love Monkey book so special. Throughout the book, Monkey tries to be something special—a squirrel, a bunny, a bee. But Monkey finally realizes that the most special thing of all is just being yourself—no one in the whole wide world can ever do that better than you.

Comes with book and plush MONKEY packed inside

Magnetic Closure on Box

Award-winning I LOVE MONKEY BOOK

What a wonderful ready-made gift for children, parents, and grandchildren.


In stock


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