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Matter Company’s all-natural skincare products are gentle, effective, and free of harmful chemicals. They have a great online guide that matches your skincare needs to the right products. I have tried the Heat Rub on my hands when my joints are inflamed; it is so soothing. I love the smell too. 
Their slogan speaks volumes, “THE INGREDIENTS ARE THE PRODUCT.” It is synonymous with the commitment to purity and quality in their ingredients.


At Matter Company, we embrace a holistic approach to personal care, which recognizes the relationship between our natural environment and our physical and emotional well-being.

We began with the simple intention of working with the healing ways of plants. Building upon an apprenticeship in Therapeutic Herbalism, our extensive experience growing, wild crafting, harvesting and formulating herbal preparations has resulted in an intimate understanding of the medicinal power of herbs. It is an understanding which recognizes the ability of herbs to not only heal us physically but to nourish our minds and spirit as well.

Our slogan, “The ingredients are the product,” is synonymous with a commitment to purity and quality in the ingredients we use. Pure ingredients feed the body and strengthen and tone the largest organ, the skin.

We harness the power of herbs by using whole plants.  Using traditional methods, our skincare formulas are cooked in small batches for 24 hours to extract each herb’s beneficial properties.


Toronto-based Denise Williams founded Matter Company, a luxe range of all-natural skincare products, in 1996.

After pursuing environmental studies and being inspired by a profound interest in the natural world, Williams turned her attention to the traditional practices of herbalism. She apprenticed with a renowned herbalist and learned firsthand about growing, harvesting and wild-crafting herbs and plants, earning a certification as a Therapeutic Herbalist.

Armed with knowledge about plants and their medicinal properties, Williams began creating skincare products that were not then available on the market, and that were good for the body – both inside and out. Skin salves and first aid ointments were formulated in her kitchen, using all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, plant and herb extracts, and scented with aromatic essential oils without chemicals like parabens and petrolatum.

The resulting skin-soothing formulas were gifted to friends and family and became such a hit that Williams decided to launch a full-fledged natural skincare line focused on the healing power of herbs. Thus, Matter Company was born.


Company: Matter Company
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Instagram: @mattercompany

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