For over a decade, Atelier Cocotte has been crafting exquisite lamps using Canadian wood veneer. Drawing inspiration from the natural world – including flowers, fruits, bulbs, and nuts – these lyrical designs are as smart and ecologically-minded as they are visually stunning.
Every lamp handmade in Atelier Cocotte’s Montreal workshop, ensuring that each piece is imbued with the artisanal skill and attention to detail that is the hallmark of the brand.
Whether for residential or commercial projects, Atelier Cocotte’s unique wood lighting creations are sure to make a lasting impression.
Atelier Cocotte has been featured in Elle Québec, Le Devoir, Joli Joli Design, LaPress, Huffpost, CASA, La Journal de Montréal, Etsy Market Lookbook (pg 6-7) and many others.


After completing her fine arts studies and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Isabelle worked as a portrait photographer, prop assistant for TV, and graphic designer.
In 2010, driven by a passion for design and a desire to create something unique, Isabelle Auger established Atelier Cocotte. Her designs reflect her appreciation for nature and are often inspired by plants & botanicals. Isabelle’s work is characterized by her innovative use of Canadian wood veneer, which has become her undeniable signature. With nearly a dozen distinctive styles that have captured the imagination of discerning customers across Canada, Atelier Cocotte has quickly established itself as a leader in contemporary lighting design.
In early 2012, Atelier Cocotte expanded its focus to include more commercial contracts. One of Isabelle’s most notable projects was a collaboration with JBC Architectes for the offices of GCM Consultants.
In keeping with her love for wood and its endless possibilities, Isabelle plans to expand into other decor products.