Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Deliciously Simple Recipes for Happy Healthy Kids Hill MSC R.P.H NUTR, Rachael Anne and Fisher, Tara


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Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Deliciously Simple Recipes for Happy Healthy Kids Hill MSC R.P.H NUTR, Rachael Anne and Fisher, Tara

Cooking your own baby food ensures that your little one gets natural, nutritious foods rather than ready-made varieties that can be expensive and high in salt, sugar, and fat. Rachael Anne Hill is a nutritionist and mother of two. Here she tells you everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids: which useful ingredients to have on hand to make life easier; what kind of foods to introduce when; allergies and intolerances; and which vitamins and minerals are essential to a baby’s well-being. Rachael provides more than 70 fantastic recipes for babies aged 6–9 months; 9–12 months; 12–15 months; and Toddlers. Choose from super-quick purées and finger foods for when hunger calls but time is short. When your baby gets used to solids and textures, you can introduce meals such as Chicken and Barley Hotpot and Cheesy Mariner’s Parsley Mash. Family Meals is the perfect answer to stress-free mealtimes―recipes like Really Easy Chicken and Pancetta Risotto are designed to suit everyone in the family, from the littlest to the grown-ups. • Includes a comprehensive, user-friendly introduction to baby nutrition, plus more than 70 deliciously simple recipes.

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