Black Bow Gift Co. is a Halifax-based gift company offering high-quality gift boxes for corporate, wedding favours and other events or celebrations. Founder Amanda is passionate about collaborating with skilled craftspeople and incorporating their special products into her designs to create unique and memorable gifts for her clients.
The company offers several gifting options, including pre-designed gift boxes, an extensive collection of upscale goods to design your own gifts, and custom designs for corporate gifting. The company’s gifts are thoughtful, creative, and designed to align perfectly with your brand or wedding theme or event.
Black Bow Gift Co. takes pride in its belief that a gift is an extension of ourselves, and whether we intend to or not, it communicates something specific to the gift receiver. To ensure each gift feels personal, the Black Box Gift Co. offers themed boxes for every occasion, including boxes for new parents, bridal parties, thank yous, healing and relaxation, sympathy, and more.
They are fully equipped to handle bulk orders, taking the hassle out of gifting for their clients. Their services ensure clients can leave the gift-giving to them, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of their business, wedding or event.
In summary, Black Bow Gift Co. is a high-end gift company that offers various options for clients looking for memorable and personalized gifts. With a focus on collaboration with craftspeople, personalization, and convenience, Black Bow Gift Co. ensures that each gift communicates something special and leaves a lasting impression on the receiver.


Amanda’s passion for crafting grew as she spent time with her mother in her craft room as a child.

Amanda enjoyed everything about the room, from the smell and colours to the endless possibilities of creating something new. As she grew older, she observed her mother’s ability to create unique gifts for her father’s clients and employees, using her craft skills to make thoughtful gifts everyone appreciated.

Amanda learned early on that nurturing personal or professional relationships was vital to building genuine connections. As Amanda’s father’s business grew, he realized the importance of showing appreciation to his clients and employees. By tapping into Amanda’s mother’s craft skills, they created heartfelt gifts that fostered deep connections with the people around them.

Amanda is now a proud mother of three children and a wife to a loving husband. Her passion for crafting and spreading kindness led her to create a gift collection and custom gifting services. She believes gifts communicate something specific to the recipient, making them feel special and appreciated.

Amanda’s mission is to spread more kindness into the world by helping people create genuine connections with the important people in their lives through gifting.